Collaboration Policy and Charges

Thank you for showing your interest in collaborating with me and finding me worthy of trying out your products.

I review Make-up, Skin Care, Hair Care, Bath and Body, Nail, Subscription Boxes, Jewelry, Accessories, Beauty Tools and Equipment, Home Decor, Plants, Snacks and any product that allures me here on this blog..I love collaborating with brands and co-bloggers and this blog is completely PR friendly. It would be a matter of immense pleasure for me to try out your products and share my opinion about them here at my happy place..

Please note that due to the frequency of PR samples I get and to form an unbiased and sure opinion about your product, I may take at-most 21 days to review your products on this blog.

I do not endorse any product on this product which I personally don’t like and expect you to respect my opinion and allow me the freedom of speech. Kindly do not send me alcoholic perfumes, deodorants or products which have strong scents because I am highly allergic to it and get ill for at-least two days which is very problematic for me.

Please do send the products keeping in mind I have the right to share my entire opinion, pros and cons of your product. I hope you understand what I mean. If you are interested in sponsoring me for hosting a giveaway, I would love to host one.

You can also contact me if you want to advertise through my blog.. If you accept all my Terms and Conditions, I would love to collaborate with you and being able to work with you. You can send me an email at for my address. I reply within an hour.. 🙂

My Charges:

Rs. 50 per product review on Amazon and other shopping portals (Unverified Purchase)

Rs. 100 per product review on Amazon and other shopping portals (Verified Purchase)

Rs. 200 per product review on this blog

Rs. 500 per article if you want me to write for your website/blog(950-1000 words)

Rs. 500 per article if you want to advertise through my blog (450-500 words)

Rs. 1000 per article if you want to advertise through my blog (950-1000 words)

Rs. 1000 per interview

I love collaborating with co-bloggers and you are most welcome to contact me if you have any innovative collaboration idea in mind or would simply like to write a guest post for this blog. Please include a link to your blog in the email along with your current followers/traffic, so that it is more clear to me and we can work together to make things and our collaboration better and fun. I would also love to write a blogpost for your blog in case you are interested 🙂


The Leibster Award


  1. Interview with Shabbar Syed – Head of Operations at Grass Spider
  2. Interview with Sanandita Chakraverty – Blogger at Tic Talk Toe
  3. Interview with Prashant Parikh – Founder of Satthwa
  4. Interview with Anna Kurakina – Marketing Executive at Bella India
  5. Interview with Madhurima Ramakrishna – Founder of Aroma Essentials

My contribution on other blogs:

1. Oriflame HairX Volume Boost Leave-in Conditioner Review

2. Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Face Wash Peach Review

3. Magical Chili Hair Oil

4. Me-On Eyepnotyz Auto Kajal Pencil Review

5. Oriflame Sweden Silk Beauty White Glow Body Wash Review

6. Incolor Matte Ultra Smooth Lip Cream Review

YouTubers I have collabed with:

1. Ten Amazing Beauty Tips

2. Ten Amazing Ways to remove Holi Colours

3. Ten Uses of Vitamin E Capsules

4. Five Products I Can Live Without Tag

Brands I’ve worked with:

  • Mond’Sub India
  • My Envy Box
  • GlamEgo Box
  • Snack Experts
  • Eat Any Time
  • Ryaal Essentials
  • Bella
  • Seed Paper India
  • Richfeel Trichology
  • Pee Safe
  • Lass Naturals
  • Grass Spider
  • Aroma Essentials
  • Vedantika Herbals
  • Curie Soaps
  • Swaroop Industry
  • Glamisha
  • Satthwa
  • Stately Essentials
  • Fuschia
  • Nelf Cosmetics
  • Zentih Nutrition
  • Mesmara
  • Olivia
  • Finn Naturals
  • Mama Earth
  • Speaking Tree
  • Skinutra
  • Noor Secrets
  • Biotique
  • Joint Expert

Please note that if anyone emails you pretending to be me from any email id except, it is not me and I am not responsible for any loss/damage you may suffer.

Have a great day ahead!

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