Demonetisation in India

I am not here to criticize the government or the respective authority for the decision of demonetisation in India or to support them completely either. The country is in their hands and they know better what they are doing. Everything has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. In this case too, there are uncountable problems that people are facing because not every money is a black money but there are many advantages too. I wont mention the pros and cons of this entire thing because everyone knows them well.
In my point of view, any step taken to reduce or eliminate corruption from India takes courage and is worth respecting. Corruption is the worst disease prevailing today. This is a tough time for the citizens of India and I personally have faced many problems these days because everything depends on money today. I know Government has really good intentions and I hope the outcome is really fruitful.
As the youth, I support taking such steps but the implementation of this step and its execution could have been much better. It’s almost like the situation when minutes before your exam you come to know that the entire syllabus has been changed. At the end of the day, I tell myself that everything will be great back soon.
But I really plead our society for bringing out some solutions to tackle the problems that we are facing today rather than forwarding millions and millions of jokes on social media. I am simply tired of receiving such funny messages, memes and jokes on Whatsapp and Facebook. This is something we need to stop doing and as a responsible citizen, we should try to minimize corruption at our level.
I also urge people not to send jokes related to Mahatma Gandhi. Have some respect for the father of your nation atleast.

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