Things I Do Every Morning!

Hi Guys!
Today I am sharing five things that I do every morning..
Do you relate with me?
Which of these do you do daily? Do let me know.. So let’s see…1. Access and charge my phone: This is probably the first thing almost everyone does
when they get up. Before even coming out from bed, I check my phone and reply to all messages, comments and other stuff. Then I put it on charging and move ahead for other works.

2. Plan the day: I think about what things I need to do and accomplish that very day. After visualizing, I plan it accordingly to complete those tasks. I atleast set two goals per day that I need to achieve, be it a topic of my studies or do anything else.

3. Drink water: Before taking breakfast or doing anything, I drink a glass of lukewarm water. This is very very essential to keep the body hydrated after a sleep of 7 to 8 hours. It also removes toxins from our body and helps us fight infections. It is the key to a good metabolism.

4. Workout: I give atleast 40 minutes to exercising to keep my body healthy and it can energize us for the entire day. I do cardio four days a week and yoga or strength exercises the other three days.

5. Eat healthy breakfast: After half an hour of exercising, I take a good and healthy breakfast to keep myself energized and healthy. I drink one glass of milk along with brown bread slightly fried or have some porridge. Whenever I feel like I take an egg too.

And after my breakfast my day goes on and on but I always make sure that I practice a consistent morning routine..
Do you relate with me? Comment below..
PS: The images are taken from google for informatory purposes.

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  1. That's really what one should do each fay. Carry on. Good luck


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