Review: Lujobox December 2018 Edition

Hi Guys! Today I am going to unbox and review Lujobox December 2018 Edition for you all.

Lujobox is a newly launched luxury subscription box. Their first box came out in October 2018 and this is their third edition. By the way, it is to be pronounced as “LuHObox”, in case you don’t know! Also, before starting, I’d like to tell you guys that I delivered a baby boy two weeks ago. Now I am back and going to spam you with loads of reviews soon.

Subscription Plan:

Rs. 950 per month

Buy it here through my affiliate link without any harm to you if you want to see more unboxings in the future… Thank you in advance.

Packaging of the Box:

Since these days most of the boxes have that flip, magnetic sort of packaging, Lujobox has kept it different. The box is matte-black in color, and pretty bulky and large in size. As soon as you open the box and keep the lid aside, you see pure luxury going on. The December 2018 Edition also had a red, velvety piece of cloth with some hay inside to add some extra glam to the box.

The contents of the box are securely wrapped and kept inside. A butter paper with the initials L and J wrap the box.

Contents of the Box:

As soon as you remove the butter paper and the piece of cloth, you see two leaflets kept inside.



The actual unboxing begins… As you can see in the leaflet, there are total seven products in the box, here we go one by one.

1. MCaffeine – Coffee Body Scrub


In the box: 60 gm (Rs. 300)

Full Size: 100 gm (Rs. 449)


My Thoughts:

This is nothing new. You guys already know how much I love coffee and how well it suits my problematic skin. I have tried a number of coffee scrubs and luckily, most of them work really well for me. This one is a powdered scrub and I have previously tried powdered scrub from Vedantika Herbals but I haven’t ever tried a powdered coffee scrub. I am hoping for satisfactory results already! This product is meant for normal to oily skin and is cruelty free.

2. Vert – Nude Mineral Face Powder


Full Size: 10 gm (Rs. 1,295)


My Thoughts:

I have tried Vert Solid Perfume in the past as I received it in My Envy Box July 2017 Edition. Honestly, I didn’t like it at all and since then, I never came across any other product from this brand. I am hoping this mineral based powder works just as claimed and becomes one of my favorite. This powder is very finely milled and I cannot wait to try it out. This product is 100% natural and vegan.

3. All Good Scents – Jasmine Fragrance


In the box: 2 ml

Full Size: 50 ml (Rs. 1,190)


My Thoughts:

I love Jasmine fragrance and this one smells heavenly. It is mesmerizing, pleasant yet not bothersome or strong at all. I really love the cute sample size given in the box. This fragrance is made in France and is completely cruelty free.

4. Luis & Luth – Aloe Vera Face Cream


Full Size: 50 gm (Rs. 1,299)


My Thoughts:

I am completely new to this brand and have high hopes from this product as the claims and description looks very promising. Talking about the scent texture and consistency of this face cream, I quite like it. The smell is very mild, pleasing and floral. It doesn’t bother my sensitive nose at all. I can instantly sniff off aloe vera in there.

The texture is very rich and smooth and the consistency is identical to that of a balm. I applied this cream on my face and I was surprised that it didn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. It was quite comfortable. I cannot wait to use it regularly and give my final verdict on it.

5. Columbian Brew – Vanilla & Strong Instant Coffee


In the box: One 10 gm sachet, & two 1.3 gm sachets

Full Size: 50 gm (Rs. 190 and Rs. 119 respectively)


My Thoughts:

I am new to this brand and being a coffee lover, I could not wait to try them. I instantly made the Vanilla variant and loved it. This instant coffee has no chicory, sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives. Furthermore, the vanilla variant smells amazing and has a lovely vanilla + milky bar like smell. The strong coffee variant smells heavenly, just like usual coffee.

6. Plan 36.5 – Pearl & Cucumber Sheet Mask


Full Size: 2 pieces per box (Rs. 100 each)


My Thoughts:

This brand is another new one for me. I love coming across new brands and products in subscription boxes. Since we have got two variants of sheet masks, I’d now count the total products in the box to be nine instead of seven. My skin is very sensitive and acne prone, that is why I am extremely happy to receive Pearl and Cucumber variants. Fingers crossed!

7. Lujobox – Beauty Blender


One piece (Rs. 599)


My Thoughts:

My makeup life without a beauty sponge is just incomplete. I have never used any makeup brush for blending my foundation. I just cannot get over a sponge and try anything else. The shape and quality of this blender seems pretty good and convenient. Let’s see if it can beat my current beauty sponge.

My Ratings about Lujobox December 2018 Edition:


My Final Verdict:

Trust me when I say this, I AM HIGHLY IMPRESSED BY THIS BOX. I have come across three new brands through it. The total worth of this month’s box sums upto Rs. 4002 which is a steal deal. I would highly recommend you all to try Lujobox December 2018 Edition. I’m pretty sure you would love it. Most of all, I love the Colombian Brew Vanilla Instant Coffee. It really tastes awesome.

Secondly, I am most excited about using the sheet masks. I love how well the box was curated, designed and packed. Everything reached me in a perfect state. I cannot wait to see what’s coming in the January 2019 Edition. A big thumbs up to the brand from my side.

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