Review: Fast Hot Hair Straightener Brush HQT-906

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The Hot Brush craze in this makeup world doesn’t seem to end. The first hot brush I saw was in a YouTube video. It was actually the review of “Coriollis Hot Brush” and I knew I wanted to own it at that very moment. I was really impressed by it because it’s lot more convinient than a flat iron though they both are different in their performance and work but I was disheartened to find that it was out of stock most of the times and was quite costly for me at this point of time.
I kept on looking for other low cost hot brushes but never felt like buying them because I thought they would be really a waste of money but when I saw this Hot Brush HQT 906 in a really very low price, I took no time to order it. I thought of giving it a try because even if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t hurt me so much as the price is really low.


I bought it from for Rs. 1349 under the name “Dizionario Hair Straightener Brush HQT 906” but you can get the same product from Mohit Jain via his Facebook Page for Rs.400 + Shipping. I have bought stuff from him earlier and he is really good in his service. Coming back to the topic, lets first see how the product looks like.

Packaging: This hair brush comes in a sliding kind of stiff carboard box which has all the necessary information and directions of use on it.

Model: HQT-906
Voltage: 100~230 V AC
Made in: CHINA
Size: 10.5 inches long (approx)
Weight: 0.4 kg

Directions of use:

 Product Claims:

Inside the box: When you open the box, there is a really really good manual kept inside along with the hair brush.

I am sharing all the pages of the manual one by one.

Page 1 (Product Photographs and Specifications)

Page 2 (Application Method)

Page 3 (Instructions)

Page 4 (Security Matters and Warning)

Page 5 (Maintenace, Cleaning and Preservation)

Page 6 (Warranty)

Page 7 (Advantages)

I am really impressed by this manual. They have just mentioned each and every thing one can think of and this manual is enough to answer all the queries one can bear in mind.

More product photographs!
This hot brush is pastel pink in colour which I don’t find really cute. It is more on a dull pink side and the colour could have been better. I have also seen this brush in white colour but I don’t know if it’s the same or other. Well, colour doesn’t matter.

The brush has these red anti perm silicon beads placed on each bristle surrounded by plastic bristles meant for heat protection.

It also has an LCD screen which is really convenient to know which temperature we are at and it also has three switches at one side. One switch is for turning the brush on and off while the other two are meant for increasing or decreasing the temperature. The temperature ranges from 60 degree Celsius to 230 degree Celsius.

The “On/Off” switch needs to be pressed for three to four seconds to switch on or off.



Now what’s important is the product’s result and my review! So let’s see the pros and cons I found in this Hair Brush to finalize my review on it.

Pros of HQT 906!

1. The cord of this hair brush is really long which makes it easier to use in all places. (Personally I have experienced this issue a lot of times that the cord of hair dryers, curling irons and all those styling tools are too short that I can’t sit and use it at my dressing table and I have to stand near the socket to use it.)
2. The brush is really long and the handle is slim which makes holding quite easy and working area very convinient to use.
3. The LCD screen is an amazing help to know the exact temperature so that we can adjust it according to our need.

4. Any temperature according to our personal preference can be set at the starting and the brush can then be left to auto increase up to the heat limit provided by us. For example, the maximum temperature this brush can attain is 230 degree Celsius but I prefer using it at 180 degrees. So whenever I switch it on, I instantly increase the temperature by pressing + button until the LCD shows 180 degrees. I then leave the brush aside for a minute to let it heat till 180 degrees and it is good to go.
 5. The best thing I loved about this product was it’s manual. I am really surprised by the amount of information they have imparted in such a low price otherwise I have seen literally no or useless manuals in low price.
Cons of HQT 906!

1. The reason I didn’t mention it’s price is because this hair brush has no MRP mentioned on it which is the biggest con for me. As mentioned earlier, I got this brush for Rs. 1349 but my sister bought the same one from Mohit for Rs. 480. I also saw the same brush on various Instagram sellers’ accounts ranging from Rs. 500 to 800. Even on Amazon, you can see the same brush in various prices.
2. Those red anti perm silicone beads on the bristles give a really bad smell (that of burning plastic) while you use it but that actually happened the first time I used it maybe because it was new. The smell was completely gone by the third time I used this brush.
3. The plastic bristles around the silicone beads are not smooth and they sometimes pull my hair.
4. The handle gets heated up within ten to fifteen minutes of continuous usage along with the weight of the brush which is again a con for me.
5. The brush is not very smooth on hair which makes it a little difficult to pass through thick coarse hair.

I have thin hair but I didn’t want them to break and get tangled in the hot brush as it wasn’t passing through greater sections of my hair smoothly, I grabbed little sections and then it worked fine. You can see the result here..

I am quite impressed with the product performance actually. It is not a complete replacement of the flat irons but it has been able to perform more than my expectations and I would prefer using this hot brush over a flat iron when I’m in a hurry or going out for 3 to 4 hours.

Is it affordable?
It is actually the most affordable hot brush out there. Try to find the cheapest one available on the online website you are buying it from and congratulations in advance to have saved huge sum of money as compared to high end hot brushes out there.
My Review and Recommendation: Because this product is made in China, I don’t have high expectations with this it’s life. I have been using it for 2 months now and it is working well but let’s see how long it can work for me. As for the recommendation, I am happy with it’s result and performance and it is worth a try.
My Ratings: 4/5
So this was the end of my review on Fast Hair Straightener Brush HT 906. Do share what do you think of this product. Also let me know if you want me to review any product!

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