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With winters, come a lot of different things such as dryness, itchy body, chapped lips, cracked heels and “Gajar ka Halwa”! *Chuckles* For someone like me who is blessed to have an extra oily skin (sarcastic mode on), a dry weather like this may get harsh.

And those who have Sahara Desert type skin, I can imagine their skin concerns in winters quite well. Generally my skin does not need a moisturiser because it is not at all dry but I follow Korean skincare regime religiously and do not skip a moisturiser in summers as well.

With this kind of a dry and cold weather, even my favorite face washes which usually nourish my skin were not able to make my skin hydrated enough. Same went with my holy grail moisturisers and nothing seemed to actually moisturise the skin intensely by going really deep into the layers.

It was at this point of time that Biotique sent me their Winter Skincare Essentials Trio Package which consists of their Honey Gel Face Wash, Morning Nectar Moisturiser and Bio Winter Cherry Body Nourisher..

When I received the package, I thought the products would be extra nourishing or heavy, ideal for dry skin types and not for me.. But I went ahead and started using all three of these regularly.

Now that I am completely sure of my opinion about these products, today I am here to share my experience about all these three products with you all and pour in my suggestions of whether you should be investing in these products for your drying skin this season or not..

Biotique Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Wash:

Product Description:

Bio Honey Gel is a hydrating foaming, 100% soap-free gel is blended with pure honey and extracts from the bark of the arjun tree, euphorbia plant and wild turmeric. Dissolves makeup and impurities, softens skin and helps lighten the complexion.

Directions of Usage:

Gently massage over wet face and neck with fingertips, lather and rinse, morning and evening. Ayurvedic Medicine. For external use only.


Cost: Rs. 65 for 50 ml, Rs. 119 for 100 ml, Rs. 149 for 120 ml, Rs. 179 for 150 ml and Rs. 375 for 300 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years if unopened, 12 months in opened

Availability: Official Website (120 ml), Amazon (100 ml), Amazon (150 ml), Nykaa (50 ml), Nykaa (150 ml), Purplle (50 ml), Purplle (100 ml), Health Mug (150 ml)

My Thoughts:

This face wash comes in five different sizes with a very reasonable pricing which is one of the biggest pros I can find in this product. It contains honey in it which not only prevemts the skin from getting dry but also nourishes, purifies, heals and soothes it.

The product comes in a very soft, see through rubber tube with a dark green colored, plastic flip cap. The quality of the rubber tube is amazing and allows the product to come out effortlessly without any hassle. The packaging is overall light weight, convenient, travel friendly, spill proof and sturdy.

As it is a soap free face wash, it forms a very very mild foam and does not turn into a thick and creamy lather. I take a coin sized amount of product on to my palm and then gently massage my face with it in upwards, circular motions.

It has a mild and mesmerising floral smell which I love.. The smell is not at all overpowering and lasts just for a minute or two.. As it is an Ayurvedic recipe, it’s pH is not balanced and stings if it accidentally gets into the eyes.

Once I am done washing my face with it, I rinse it off with plain water. It goes on really very slippery and smooth while washing off. It has moisturising properties in it and makes the skin very soft, nourished, plump and smooth.

It does not dry out the skin in any way and does not react to my existing acne as well. It soothes the skin and does not cause any irritation, reaction or breakouts. It cleans the skin very effectively and instantly gives it a bright and clear look.

It also removes the impurities and oil very gently. What I love about it is that it makes my skin look very plump and hydrated. Honestly, I can easily skip a moisturiser with this product even in the driest of times..


*Suitable for all skin types
*Often available on heavy discounts
*Reasonably priced
*Available in five different sizes
*Cleanses, hydrates skin effectively
*Makes skin bright, clear and even toned
*Does not make skin dry
*Mild smell
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Dermatologically tested
*Not tested on animals
*Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives


*pH not balanced

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Visibly Flawless Skin Moisturizer:

Product Description:

Morning Nectar Visibly Flawless Skin Moisturizer is a refreshing lotion that hydrates and nourishes skin. Reduces and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Keeps skin fresh, light and bright.

Directions of Usage:

Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, morning and evening. For best results, apply after serum. Ayurvedic Medicine. For external use only.


Cost: Rs. 199 for 120 ml, Rs. 280 for 190 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years if unopened, 12 months in opened

Availability: Official Website (120 ml), Official Website (190 ml), Nykaa (120 ml), Purplle (120 ml), Purplle (190 ml), Amazon (120 ml), Amazon (190 ml)

My Thoughts:

This is the second step of my winter skincare regime with Biotique. This skin moisturiser has Nectar as it’s key ingredient which nourishes and moisturises the skin helping it heal and get visibily reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

This moisturiser comes in two different sizes and is an Ayurvedic recipe with a blend of Swiss biotechnology. This product comes in a semi transparent, plastic, cylindrical bottle which looks white because of the product color obviously.

The bottle is little hard to squeeze and the softest press point I have found is right where the logo is. It has a dark green colored, ceramic-like screw cap. The overall packaging is nice, simple, classic and mess proof.

Now coming to how the product is and how it performs on me, I’d say this is my type of moisturiser. First of all, it has the world’s most beautiful smell. I can’t really describe how beautiful the fragrance is and how much I love it.

It’s mild smell really refreshed me when I dispense the product. After washing my face with Bio Honey Gel Face Wash, I take a coin sized amount of this moisturiser and dot it on my face. It has a very rich and creamy texture to it which I love while applying.

When I start massaging it in to my skin, it spreads effortlessly into a balmy sort of product and absorbs very beautifully. It does not settle into a matte finish but it is not heavy, greasy or shiny either..

It imparts the perfect moisturisation my face needs and I enjoy it’s mild smell all day long. It makes my face really soft and hydrated and I cannot see even a trace of dryness or flakiness on my skin. It also makes the skin appear much more smoother and softer..

It has a very gentle formulation and makes the face appear much more healthier and glowing without much effort. I don’t know what magic it does but it adds a very healthy and radiant glow to the face upon regular usage.

It balances the skin’s natural oil balance perfectly and does not irritate my sensitive skin at all. It does not clog the pores sinks into deep layers of skin really quickly. It’s moisturisation almost lasts all day long for my skin type..


*Suitable for all skin types
*Gentle formualtion
*Highly moisturising
*Doesn’t clog pores
*Doesn’t feel heavy or greasy
*Moisturisation lasts all day long
*Adds a healthy glow to face
*Dermatologically tested
*Not tested on animals
*Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives
*Ingredients list mentioned
*Mild, pleasant smell
*Value for money


*Bottle is hard to squeeze

Biotique Bio Winter Cherry Rejuvenating Body Nourisher:

Product Description:

Bio Winter Cherry supplies rejuvenating moisture and nourishment to body health and vitality

Directions of Usage:

Massage into damp body skin until completely absorbed, morning and evening.


Cost: Rs. 180 for 190 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years if unopened, 12 months in opened

Availability: Official Website, Purplle, Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa

My Thoughts:

Last but not the least, we have the third step and it is Bio Cherry Winter Body Nourisher. This product is enriched with the goodness of Cherries which supplies moisture to the skin hence promoting its elasticity and keeping it soft and smooth.

Winters are not only about moisturising the face, right? This body nourisher comes in just one size and its packaging looks very much identical to the Morning Nectar Moisturiser.. It comes in a semi transparent, plastic, cylindrical bottle which looks baby pink because of the product color.

The bottle is very soft and makes it really easy to squeeze the product out. It has a dark green colored, ceramic-like screw cap. The overall packaging is nice, simple, classic and mess proof. Some people may not like the bottle for travelling purposes but you can always transfer the product into a smaller container..

Our body absorbs and locks moisture the best when it is damp, so I like to apply it right after shower to gain its maximum benefits. I just use a coin sized amount of product for each arm and basically ooze out the required quantity as per the body part.

It uses a very little amount to provide good nourishment to the skin. It has a herbal smell which I don’t mind but may not be liked by everyone.. I am actually used to it and it assures me of its Ayurvedic formualtion.

The formulation of this product is actually very gentle and free from harmful chemicals. It does not irritate the skin in any way. I use this body nourisher almost every where on my body – my hands, arms, legs, feet, thighs, stomach and what not…

It turns really true to its name as it definitely nourishes the body very effectively. It removes dead and dull skin by providing necessary hydration to the body and makes it look soft, smooth, plump and intensely moisturised.

The moisturisation lasts almost all day long and the smell vanishes after a few hours. It does not feel heavy or greasy at all.. It gives a very refreshing feeling to the skin and hampers dryness very quickly.


*Ingredients list mentioned
*Cruelty free
*Hampers dryness very effectively
*Makes skin soft, smooth and moisturised
*Moisturisation lasts all day long
*Doesn’t feel heavy or irritating
*Gentle formulation and rich texture
*Little amount of product required
*Nice herbal smell
*Travel friendly packaging



Overall Experience and Final Verdict:

Overall, the combo of these three products work amazingly for me. They give my skin the perfect moisturisation without being over hydrating or heavy. The face wash is very gentle and cleans all impurities very quickly within a minute or two.. It is 100% soap free and does not irritate my existing acne..

The morning nectar moisturiser smells amazing and gives a radiant glow to the face after regular usage. Its texture is very rich and feels lovely on the skin. It does not clog the facial pores, hence does not lead to breakouts..

The body nourisher which smells herbal is another holy grail I have found for myself. It provides the perfect oil balance to my skin and keeps it soft and smooth all day long. It does not leave any shine on the skin and sinks into layers deeply and quickly.

If you ask me to choose one between the three, honestly it would be a really very difficult choice because each product works just as claimed and is very gentle on my sensitive skin.. I am really happy with my experience with Biotique and this winter care is what I am going to be following religiously the entire season.

The best thing about these products apart from the fact that they are cruelty free and have an Ayurvedic recipe is that they are very reasonably priced and affordable, according to me. You must go ahead and buy this trio to pamper your skin without much effort and heaviness on your pockets..

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