Welcoming December 2017

Hi Guys!! I hope you all are doing well..

Sadly we are in the last month of this amazing year but let’s be excited and hope for many more amazing years to come. I hope you had a great month and I wish this new years bring a lot of happiness and success in your life..

Time really passes by so quick and you go so smoothly with the flow.. November was a busy yet nice month for me.. I am little upset that I couldn’t disclose the project I was working on but I am really working hard to make it possible this month.

I reviewed all the products I had scheduled for last month and disclosed in my November post but I didn’t review the painless hair removal pads I was talking about because surprisingly, I got four hair removal products last month and decided to review all four of them in December, one by one.

How did November be to you? For me, it was really really good and we welcomed a new member in our family. My Aunt gave birth to a very adorable baby girl last month who I cannot literally stop thinking about because she’s so cute!

This month I am going to be reviewing four hair removal products or even more (maybe), three products from Zenith Nutrition, one from Speaking Tree, two from Vedantika Herbals, two from Nelf USA, one from Glamisha, six from Mama Earth, one from Seed Paper India, one from Green Leaf, two from Olivia, a subscription box along with four Hearty Interviews.

The funny thing is that this is not just all about December because there are going to be a lot of random posts as well because why not! We are in the last month of the year. Let’s celebrate and talk to each other every day.

I will try my best to post every single day in this month. I know it’s a huge committment but I want to do it! Let’s hope I am able to do it without any faults and delays!! Quickly sharing the quote of the month with you guys..

“Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than your promise.”

OMG! I had no idea my diary was going to tell this to me but you know what? I was right. I always say my Year Planner guides me the best and it surprisingly did it just now as well. I had no idea about this quote and look I just made a commitment..

Well, I made a commitment and not a promise but I hope I am able to deliver what I said..! What about you guys? What’s going on? Some of you would be chilling in this weather and planning a holiday while some of you would be preparing for examinations.

I wish all you wishes, plans and future endeavors come true. I hope you have a great month ahead. Don’t forget to tell me if you would like me to review a particular product for you.. I’d love to do that!

So that’s all for today.. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post.. If you did, then please don’t forget to follow this blog and support me just like you have been doing continuously for a year now..

I love you all so much!


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