Welcoming July 2017

 Hi Guys! I hope you all are good, had a great month behind and ready for the next month..

Belated Eid Mubarak!! I know I am late but better late than never..  This June was the busiest month of 2017 for me! We had Ramadan, a different schedule due to which I couldn’t focus much on my blog (never-mind), my birthday, many Iftar parties and a lot more.. I tried my best to post my scheduled reviews and other DIYs but it literally got unmanageable for me. Anyways, I am back on track and hope to be consistent like before and be even better..

This month you can expect most blogposts to be product reviews and a few or no DIYs, skin care or hair care tutorials. I have a lot of products to review from my Oriflame haul and I wish to finish reviewing them as soon as possible so that I can purchase more products for reviewing. I have a lot of DIYs, skin care and hair care tutorials in my mind as well but I feel like postponing them at the moment..

Let me share the quote for this month which has motivated me and might do the same for you too..

This is so true!! We need to strengthen our backs and work harder everyday rather than wishing for situations to be in our favour!!! We should always take into account that great achievements involve great risk. We should see the positive side, the potential and make an effort..

What’s your favorite quote? And what are your plans for this July? 

I know most of you are going back to school, college and office after one month long vacations! All the best for your future endeavours and share with me how are your days going so far?
I hope you all have a great month ahead..

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