Welcoming March 2017

Hi Guys!!Today marks the starting of another month of 2017. Yes! We are in March! Summers are almost here in India.. Happy summer season guys..! There are people who don’t like this season but I think we should feel lucky to experience and enjoy all weathers in India. There are places where people literally die to have some warmth or cold in the weather.
I am a nature lover and I love everything about it. All the joys, experiences, colours, weathers and changes it brings, I embrace them all.More than just summers, this is examination time too.. So I wish good luck to all those who are appearing in any type of examinations this year. To those who aren’t students, I wish them good luck too for each new experience they are going to get as days pass by.

My year planner has beautiful quotes written in it for each month which keeps me inspired and energized. Let’s see what this month has to teach me..

Wow! I’m absolutely thankful to the person who has put this quote in this diary. So inspiring it is.. Truly said, one can never attain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves..

This is my motto of the month for sure. I actually believe it and try to do things that keep me happy and satisfied with myself. I love writing and I encourage myself to keep doing it no matter what as I get inner peace through it. I am a beginner and have very little readers but this won’t keep me away from my passion. I will carry on and will keep doing what gives me peace.

How many of you agree with me? Should we listen to our heart or not?
What are your plans and what is your motto for this March?
May you have the happiest moments of your life this month..
Stay happy and healthy guys!