Welcoming November 2017

Hi Guys!! I hope you all are doing good..

Welcome to November!!! Every month comes with new beginnings and I hope you have a great start. I am already having mine as the project I had been working on from the past one month is finally going to be executed in this month… Every month I tell you how busy and productive my last month has been but I am so thankful to that. I don’t mind getting busier and busier day by day or having sleepless nights unless I know it is going to make me better in any way.

I absolutely love winter season and it is right around the corner.. After bearing more than half year with a scorching heat, now I can finally stop tying a bun. I literally live in a messy bun all throughout summers because I cannot bear my hair clinching my neck… I start feeling more beautiful in winters because my skin starts cooperating with me and stops giving me problems.. Also because I can layer myself up with my favorite clothes and accessories unlike summers.

October had been really really nice to me but it was so busy that I can’t even mention. I could honestly not keep a track of where the days were going and what was happening. I worked like crazy and started studying for my final examinations as well. Last month, my skin got very very merciless to me and I have got loads of acne marks on my face. What bothers me the most is that every single person comes to me and reminds me, “Oh! You’ve got some acne” (as if I did not know that) and most of all are like, “Hey! What will happen? You’re going to get married soon!” (Ofcourse I know that and I don’t like giving shelter to these acne that I have..)

By the way, yes I am getting married soon.. Seriously I hate people relating every thing to my marriage. I mean why do they act like they are more concerned about me than my ownself when I know they don’t. Everyone likes to have a clear, glowing skin on their wedding but come on! My partner is going to marry me and not my skin. Everyone has flaws and it’s good if your man is ready to accept you with all that.

Well, coming to what plans I have for November… Honestly, I have promised myself to study a lot this month because I gotta manage my wedding and my exams, both equally! I just wish I do that. Yesterday, I sat to plan my blogposts for this month and literally, I had a jam-packed schedule. This month, I’ll be reviewing two soaps from Curie India, four products from Glamisha, three from Aroma Essentials, Satthwa Premium Hair Oil, Painless Hair Removal Pads, three products from Fuschia VKare, two from Pukhraj, L’Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation (Yes, I finally got it) and you never know what you might add.

These reviews may change in order and I may not be able to review few of these in case there are some other blog posts I plan on-the-go. Oh yeah, by the way, this month a new cruelty free skin and hair care brand is going to launch in India and you will get a brief insight about the entire range along with detailed reviews soon. The project I was talking about is still a surprise and I may disclose it in any of my upcoming review..

Last month, my blog had a really massive growth as per Alexa Ranking. On 20 October, I had a global ranking of 5,761,471 and currently I have a 3,197,169th ranking all over the world. I still have a really long way to go but this much means a lot to me as of now. I want to thank every single one of you who reads my blogposts, likes me and appreciates me for my work.. SEO thing is really taking over my mind these days and I am working on taking my blog to more and more heights…

I am so sorry for blabbering this much but I really enjoy sharing my life updates with you all. Let me know what reviews would you like to have first? Also, what are your plans for the upcoming month? Quickly ending this post with a quote to motivate you all..

“An inch of time can not be bought by an inch of Gold.”

I am really inspired by this quote and try to value time as much as possible. I hope you had a good time reading this blog post.. Let me know in the comments section below about yourselves.. How are you doing and what do you plan for this month?

Have a great month ahead!

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  1. Congratulations, aapko shaadi k liye dher saari subhkamnaye, aapki life me khushiyan hi khushiyan rahy ,yehi blessings hain ????
    Exams k liye All the best ??
    Sach me aapke liye kitna busy n mix emotional month hai ??

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