Welcoming October 2017

Hi Everyone!! I hope you are doing good..

Welcome to October and thank you for being a part of my blogging journey over these months. Time is literally aviating for me and I feel like months are coming one by one with a very fast speed. You know I literally wait for First of each month to sit down and pour my heart out in front of you all. You guys are my family and I love doing a quick life update session via these posts.. Anyways, did you notice my blog has changed and it is now a website 🙂 I am so happy that I finally have a domain of my own.. And did you notice my blog’s logo? It is the same yet little different. I actually changed the lips because of the resolution issue the last one had..

I loved my old theme and can’t get over it but unfortunately I can’t continue with it anymore because it was a Blogger theme and I have shifted to WordPress now. It is a big change for me and this is why I haven’t posted any review in these four-five days because I am busy exploring and discovering WordPress. I know I would be sounding stupid but I find WordPress a little too tricky, different and difficult because I am so used to Blogger.. Well, with time I will learn everything that I need to but for now this much is okay.

Well, how did September treat you? Last month was very productive for me and I received so many PR packages all of which I will be reviewing by the end of October hopefully. We had a total of 14,390 pageviews last month which is insane for me at this point of time. I aim to target more and more audience each day but for now, this much is a lot for me. Currently I am helding my first ever but a little givewaway on my Instagram and a lot more are coming your way..

I am also working on something really interesting this month and will be revealing it to you as soon as I am allowed to do it. I really can’t wait to tell you guys about it..! What’s up in your life? How are thing working for you? I hope you are having a great time and wish you loads of success ahead. By the way, how excited are you for fall? I totally am and can’t wait to step into winters because they are so amazing.

As this blog’s holy ritual, I am sharing the quote of the month with you guys to keep you motivated as well. Here we go..

“Never Give Up!”

Ya! That’s all folks.. These are just three words but have a really big meaning which keep me motivated for all I do. I am going through a lot of things in my personal and professional life these days and this is the perfect quote to keep me going.

So with that I end today’s post and hope you enjoyed reading it. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know if you liked my previous blog looked more or the current one so that I can work for the betterment. Your suggestions mean a lot to me. Is there anything thrilling or really excited that you have planned for this month? Well, even if you don’t want to share it with me, I wish whatever you desire and plan, comes true super soon.

Have a great month ahead…!!

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With much love,

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog dear! Love the new look and hope you enjoy the WordPress experience 🙂 It’s always tricky at first, then you will really love it.

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