Welcoming September 2017

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing good.

I cannot believe we are in September. This year has definitey been one of the best years of my life but one of the busiest and fastest as well. I hope it is being as good and polite to you as to me.

I hope August brought a lot of good news and opportunities for you and wish for even more success and happiness in this month and life ahead. For me, August was really hectic, productive and nice. I had a lot of brands collaboration last month, caught up with loads of pending product reviews that I received in my subscription boxes and few from my Oriflame haul.

I also started my youtube channel named “Hearty Diaries” last month and found video editing highly time consuming but fun. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and show me some love.

August also brought a lot of good news for me and my blog got nominated for the Leibster Awards which means a lot to me. This blog also crossed 25k+ pageviews last month. I have also nominated myself for The Indian Blogger Awards 2017.. I request you to please take a minute out of your valuable life to write a “testimonial” or “comment” for me using your Facebook account here as I really need it to win the awards..

I hope this month I have more goodness to receive and spread. This month you can expect all the reviews of the products I received in My Envy Box for the month of August 2017. I also have few collaboration blog posts in September along with a DIY that you guys miss so much and keep on asking me to do. I love reading your messages on Instagram and comments on my blog. I also have to catch up with a lot of work this month apart from this blog because I am a final year Graduation student and have a lot of assignments to do this month. This month is highly special for me because its my Mother’s and my darling Nephews’s birthday month..

As this blog’s holy ritual, I am sharing the quote of the month with you guys to keep you motivated as well. Here we go..

“The greatest loss is the loss of Self Confidence.”

I highly agree to whoever said these true words. You cannot do anything until and unless you have the courage to do so and motivate yourself to do it. Self Confidence is the first key to keep your self inspired and to succeed before anyone else inspires you. It is a positive belief that in the future we can generally accomplish what we wish to do..

The other quote my year planner has to inspire me with is “Our purpose of life is to be happy from the very core of our being. We simply despire contentment.”

If you want to take care of your loved ones or your skin, remember, you cannot achieve it until and unless you are happy from inside. Never forget to smile because it is what matters the most…

So that’s it for today guys… I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. If yes, make sure to +1’d this post, share it and comment down below..

Is there anything thrilling or really excited that you have planned for this month? Well, even if you don’t want to share it with me, I wish whatever you desire and plan, comes true super soon.

I hope you have an amazing month ahead…

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With much love,

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